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New Desktop Computer - KDE replaced GNOME

New Desktop Computer - KDE replaced GNOME

As stated in my previous article, Gnome seems to be a bit sluggish. Sometimes the display seems to slow down, it's not fluid and far from being perfect. It's ok, but I want to try something different.

I decided to install KDE. It looks like it's easy to install different D.E. in Manjaro and maybe things improved in the last 10 years.

I remember that ten years ago installing a different D.E. used to be working, but things were far from being perfect: KDE and Gnome had some conflicting libraries or programs that used to make a worse experience, so it was wiser to completely uninstall one and install a brand new one.

Unfortunately, things don't seem to be much different. As soon I installed KDE, pacman started to complain about some packages provided from Gnome that conflicted with the ones provided by KDE, and I had to manually say "ok, remove the Gnome ones". After that, KDE installed and started to be working. I noticed some glitches (fonts were strange, colours were all dark and unreadable, etc.) so I preferred to get completely rid of Gnome.

It worked and I am satisfied: KDE 5 is performing very well, more mature and complete. It's not like KDE 4, but more like KDE 3 with steroids and modern. Everything is nice and snappy, no problems at all for now.

So my suggestion is to go for KDE. Its many options may be confusing for normal people, even if defaults are ok.