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We love the Fediverse - so here's our public instance

Photo by Clint Adair / Unsplash

We love the Fediverse. We think its federated nature, the possibility of migrating your account from one instance to another and its "no single man in charge" model are important to reach the real freedom of speech.

That's why we decided to publish our portal and allow public user registration for free. You can register and use our services, interact with us and with the whole Fediverse (yes, all the Mastodon instances and users are reachable).

Our services are based on FreeBSD and the software (currently Akkoma) is in FreeBSD jails managed by BastilleBSD.

You can find more information here, as a part of our "Prodottoinrete Loves OpenSource":

Please, be respectful of this service, of our servers and never harm others. We reserve the right to block/ban users causing problems as instances can be blacklisted by others and we do not want to be blacklisted.

Stefano Marinelli

Stefano Marinelli